Open Letter to Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

We apologize if we have been out of touch lately. Currently, we are trying to reignite our campaign and refocus everyone’s attention on the ongoing suffering caused by the war that ravages Ukraine.

While mainstream attention to the events in Ukraine is declining, the country and its people need your support and involvement more than ever! Among multiple workstreams within Support Ukraine Coordination Hub, we URGENTLY need your support in the following areas:

  1. Attending rallies. Bring your voice to amplify the need for the British government’s continued support of Ukraine. Rallies are held weekly at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. For more information/updates, please follow our Instagram account
  2. Volunteering at our front desk. We need people to represent our organization in front of 154 Holland Park Ave as this is one of the main places we raise funds, engage new volunteers, and meet newcomers. Please join our Intro WhatsApp group to get involved:
  3. SPREADING THE WORD…. TIME IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING THAT YOU CAN GIVE! Visit our Home page to register to become a volunteer.

If you have other skills or ideas and would like to get involved, please get in touch by filling in our volunteer form and/or joining the Intro WhatsApp group. You can also visit the Ukrainian Cultural centre, introduce yourself and get acquainted with the hub and it’s community. We welcome you with open arms!

Thank you,
Support Ukraine/London Euromaidan

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