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The site coordinates organisation of various aid categories like essential goods including medicine, funding for medical care and rehabilitation.


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Zelensky Superhero NFT collection

We are very proud to present project of our parter Alltru1st “Zelensky Superhero” NFT collection. 50% of profits from this project will go to support Ukrainian people.

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About Us

This British-Ukrainian initiative – Support Ukraine Coordination Hub – has been established together with the Ukrainian Club in London focusing on one key aim: effectively delivering much needed aid to Ukrainian people.

Through the coordination and streamlining of different resources of humanitarian and financial aid from both British citizens and the British-Ukrainian community, we are bringing various efforts together, aligning priorities and ensuring the efficient supply of aid to Ukraine. Support Ukraine Coordination Hub is working with the full support of official Ukrainian government organisations, especially the Ukrainian Embassy in Great Britain.

We are backed by British-Ukrainian not-for-profit and volunteering organisations like London Euromaidan, British-Ukrainian Aid, Association of Ukrainians in GB, CYM- Ukrainian Youth Union, St Mary’s Ukrainian school, Association of Ukrainian Teachers in GB, Ukrainian Institute, and many more, to ensure a consolidated effort in London and in the UK overall.

Support Ukraine Coordination Hub also is assisted by several Ukrainian professional organisations including, but not limited to: CEO Club Ukraine, West Ukrainian Business Club, Ukrainian Agribusiness Club and YPO Ukraine. These organisations allow us to tap into their business and personal relationships to enable effective aid distribution throughout Ukraine.

Ways to help

Jointly we have access to a vast amount of information which we coordinate and update on a regular basis. This includes information on established fundraisers, collection centres, aid priority lists etc. Our volunteers ensure liaison across different groups and people: aid, logistics, information, resource etc.

We are open to all Ukrainian and British organisations, charities, businesses and people who would like to provide support for Ukraine.

Become a volunteer

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Warehouse / Storage

If you can offer us a secure storage facility for our donations, please email us on with a subject STORAGE clearly stating your: NAME / CONTACT / TYPE OF STORAGE/ LOCATION / AVAILABILITY

Contacts of carriers
Aid Collection centres

if you are representing an organisation, community or business, please email us on with a subject: PARTNERSHIP ENQUIRY 
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Request for collection of cargo

Ukrainians need your help TODAY!

Millions of people have already suffered from the illegal actions of the Russian aggression, which began in late February 2022 in Ukraine. To date, several million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in the western regions of Ukraine and abroad. Thousands killed and suffering, including those whos home was destroyed by Russian attacks and bombings. As the illegal Russian military intervention in Ukraine continues, unfortunately, these figures will continue to increase. The whole world is coming together to help Ukraine and stop the aggressor. Through our Hub you can really help the victims of this war.

One of the best way to help is by donating cash through our trusted charities and aid organisations, that allows us quick access necessary funds and make allocating to what is needed most. If you prefer to donate goods, please check our list of the most required items, list is updated regularly.

We coordinating aid supply lists and current priorities across a number of volunteers and organisations in Ukraine, thus ensuring that the most pressing needs are met first. In addition, many Ukrainian homes will need to be rebuilt. Armed attacks by the Russian occupiers have destroyed houses, hospitals, schools, utilities and other important infrastructure.

To provide people with the necessary living conditions in the affected cities and villages, it is necessary to restore the infrastructure and enable an uninterrupted supply of basic necessities.

Do not be indifferent, join in and help those Ukrainians who stand in defence of their country, Europe and the whole civilised world against military aggression. Let’s stop this war together!

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