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We have prepared some information that we believe you may find useful. We work with key partners, review our sources and update our information here regularly. We do our best to ensure that we provide the most up to date information. Unfortunately, the events and the respective processes are changing very rapidly at the moment, which may lead to some discrepancies. If you find any information on our site is out of date, please let us know and we will address it asap.

Below you will find some information on the following topics:


We have prepared a list of documents and external links where you can find relevant and useful information for refugees. We are working with some partners who help with the accommodation, legal, jobs and other support. If you have a specific request for help, please fill in the form and our volunteers will follow up with you as soon as possible. We have a number of volunteers who can help you with translation, leave a request on the form and we will connect you with the right volunteer on our side.

Key links for those considering to apply for a UK Visa UK Visa And Immigration site for online VISA application:

Homes for Ukraine connecting refugees with sponsors across the UK.

Housing for Ukrainian refugees: Government refugee accommodation scheme- Homes for Ukraine. is an independent platform connecting Ukrainian refugees with potential hosts and housing.

Companies that can help with refugee programmes or questions: Charity Refugee Council is focused on refugee process.

For those who arrived in the UK and need further support – please contact our partner Ukrainian Welcome Centre, who regularly run consultation and specialist workshops in central London to help with all the related queries.

We are looking for partner volunteers to support Ukrainian refugees in the UK. We are expecting an influx of refugees who will need various levels of medical, legal, translation or other kinds of support. If you are a business- please fill in the REFUGEES related form offer help/ask for help if you are an individual – please fill in a Become a VOLUNTEER form on the front page.


For those who arrived in the UK recently with school-age children, here is a list of sources and organisations for both parents and children:

St Mary’s Ukrainian School in London– every Saturday @ 154 Holland Park Avenue.

Ukrainian Mums in UK (Українські мами в UK) – Facebook community

Ways to apply for a public school place in England: Apply for primary school, Apply for secondary school

A list of useful sources from Ukraine for those children who are going through a transition stage


Medical support is predominantly free in the UK, visa and status permitted, and is provided by the National Health Service (NHS). All living in the UK are required to be registered with a General Practitioner Clinic (GP Clinic/ Medical Centre) near to where they live or work. Once you register, NHS (National Health Service) will issue you with a unique NHS number. The registration process is very simple and takes a couple of days.

How to register at a local clinic
Find a clinic nearest to your home on the NHS site – Find a GP page Usually, you are required to present only 2 documents:

  • your passport (they may want to see your visa letter)
  • proof of address (it could be a bank statement, copy of your amenity bill, a copy of your rental control or a simple letter from your accommodation provider)- it MUST contact your name and your current address.

However, in case of emergency, you can go to the nearest A&E (Ambulance & Emergency) at your nearest hospital – you can search for the nearest one on the NHS site 

Only limited medicine like some painkillers, cold relief, antiseptic, vitamins, supplements are available at the pharmacy without a prescription, other medications (like antibiotics, stronger painkillers) and specialised medicine require a formal prescription slip from your GP or hospital.

Covid vaccination: Although it is not compulsory, it is recommended by the UK government. – Most adults have received 3 doses of Covid vaccination – Children- 12yr old + are now eligible for 2nd dose, 5yr + are now offered their 1st vaccine. Once you are registered with your local GP and receive your NHS number, you will be added to a vaccine database automatically and should shortly receive an invite to a vaccination centre. If you have any questions about vaccination, you should consult the relevant bodies like NHS.


There is a large Ukrainian community in London and in the UK. There are several British-Ukrainian organisations, many of which are our associated partners. They run events and activities underlined with Ukrainian heritage: London Euromaidan, British-Ukrainian Aid, Association of Ukrainians in GB, Plast- Ukrainian Scout Organisation in GB, CYM- Ukrainian Youth Association, St Mary’s Ukrainian school, Association of Ukrainian Teachers in GB, Ukrainian Institute, and many more. Please see this document for more information. (LINK to the OUR PARTNERS document)

Ukrainian Churches
Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London @ Bond Street, London (LINK:
Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalic Church @ Acton, London

Other information groups that exist:
Doshka Ogoloshen UA –
Англія UA | Дошка оголошень –
Українці в Лондоні (Ukrainians in London) –
Українці в Лондоні (Ukrainian in London) –
Ukrainians in London –
Українці в Англії 🇺🇦 🇬🇧 –
Англія Дошка оголошень безкоштовно –
Лондон-Житло –
🇺🇦 Info London | Дошка Оголошень 🇬🇧 –
Bond Services & Travel (Eryna Estivez) –
Типовий Лондон –

Other social groups with a professional focus:
Ukrainian-British City Club –

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